Web 2.0 Faces Reality

A report from Forrester Research states the bleeding obvious: the enterprise aren’t interested in bleeding edge technology from start-ups.

They never have been.

The enterprise is interested in longevity, mitigating risk, integration with legacy systems, and having someone to sue if all goes belly up.

CIOs prefer buying a suite solution from larger, incumbent vendors rather than best of breed apps from smaller firms and startups. The report authors noted that the “deck appears to be stacked against small, pure-play vendors; integration issues, longevity concerns, and the occasional lack of polish send CIOs looking for other options.


CIOs saw relatively high business value in RSS, wikis, and tagging and relatively low value in social networking and blogging

The later two, blogging and social networking, are about media and promotion, which is an area that isn’t of much interest to corporates, outside their marketing departments.

The reality is that Web 2.0 technologies are more likely to find their way in to the enterprise via larger companies.

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