Top Ten In Serps Within Days

I wrote a brief seo course for beginners last week. Those posts are now ranked #7 in Google for the keyword term “SEO Course”, and for a variety of other related phrases.

Remarkably clever piece of SEO? Nah. Just demonstrates the truism “it’s not what you publish, it’s where”. Or “Content isn’t king, popularity is”.

Domain reputation is just about everything in SEO in 2007. Once you’ve got a trusted domain, it’s very easy to rank well in Google. Building up that level of trust, i.e. an aged domain with strong inbounds, takes time, of course.

How to get there? If you haven’t seen this before, have a read of Mike Grehan’s “Filthy Linking Rich“.

The problem being that Google repeatedly returns “currently popular” pages at the top of the results and ignores newer pages which are not so densely connected. Therefore it is inherently biased against “unknown” pages.

That’s why SEOs talk a lot more about social marketing these days, and a lot less about keyword density.

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