Twitter And The Cult Of Personality

I’ve been playing with Twitter, a new micro-blogging tool which is receiving huge buzz in the blogshere. It’s currently #1 topic on Technorati.

Twitter is described as “A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?”. It appears to me that most people are either eating their breakfast or talking about their cat. Reminds me of the early blogosphere.

However, this could be a useful tool for following your favorite commentators. A while back, I got tired of reading forums because of the low signal to noise level. There were always a few forum posters I liked to read, but they often got lost amidst the hubbub.

Twitter could provide real-time value in terms of sifting the hubbub. Subscribe to the personalities you like. Read their stuff. In real time. Erm…sort of like a blog. Only shorter. Fun, though.

The reliability of some information is rather suspect. And comic.

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