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What “obsession” with eye-tracking data?

Clickz:  All too often, SEO professionals become consumed with finding the one puzzle piece that fits perfectly. Result? They lose focus on the entire puzzle. The obsession with eye-tracking data is no exception..

Eye tracking data is useful. However, I’ve yet to meet anyone in SEO who is “obsessed” with it, to the exclusion of other aspects of the craft. Obsession with self-promotion, using a multitude of straw man arguments, appears to be on the increase, however 😉

It is true that successful search marketing campaigns require a mix of strategies. I’m curious as to why Shari is singling out – of all things – eye tracking data? After all, eye tracking data is not exactly hot SEO topic #1 on blogs, in forums, at conferences, or anywhere else.

Most SEOs I know are (healthily) obsessed with conversions…

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