YouTube Led To Google’s Downfall

That isn’t true, but in light of my previous post, could that be a headline five years from now?

How is the Google/YouTube Vs the Media Giants situation going to pan out?

  • “Google’s ability to navigate the traditional media landscape doesn’t seem to be going particularly well.
  • The challenge for Google is finding a way to compensate all the various players in the traditional media food chain.
  • Compounding the issues for Google may be media companies’ fears about its intentions. Google’s stated goal — to organize all the information in the world — worries those who see Google as more of a threat than an ally.
  • Ultimately, Google and traditional media companies will join forces because they need each other, say experts
  • If YouTube can’t make money, how will revenue be shared with media companies? “It is not at all clear to me that anyone can monetize the web traffic on YouTube
  • it’s likely that traditional media companies are concerned that Google will get the lion’s share of the value from any partnership
  • A clash of advertising models may be another reason YouTube has stumbled with traditional media. To Google, advertising is about algorithms and return on investment calculations. The traditional media industry relies on relationships.
  • Despite Google’s problems befriending traditional media, progress is being made. On March 2, the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) announced a broad deal with YouTube. Under the arrangement, the BBC will have its own channels on YouTube for BBC video clips. The deal encompasses BBC and BBC Worldwide.
  • For now, Google will just have to keep negotiating”

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