Amusing News From Search Engine Past

  • AltaVista launches new search site: “The move to launch a search-centric site is significant, because it goes completely against the trend search engines have followed to date. Usually, when a search engine has become popular, it begins adding on “portal” features such as news headlines, horoscopes or free email in hopes of keeping users within the site”.
  • Google, a favorite search engine of the plugged-in crowd, launchs site unchanged from the “test” version: Expect to see Google start a new marketing push, in hopes of competing with the big-daddy portals — Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, and the like. But let’s hope, now that it’s graduated from beta to bonafide, that the search engine won’t start to clutter up its gorgeous, streamlined look with “buy” buttons, sponsored links and the other useless features that so many search engines rely on for profits.”
  • Google Backlash Begins – “for the first time since its launch in 1998, Google results have been degraded rather than improved by the latest tweak to its proprietary scoring algorithm for Web pages, known as PageRank”
  • Excite Plans To Go Large – “No one is saying that our business — which by the way will leave us with a half-billion dollars in revenue from our subscription business alone — is a bad business. It’s just unprofitable.”
  • New Google CEO Wonders If There Are Ways To Co-Operate With Search Giant AltaVista – “People say, “Google, interesting technology, wonderful brand, but how do you make money?”
  • Yahoo acquires for $5.7 Billion – “’s tremendous first-to-market advantage has made it the leading destination on the Web for audio and video broadcasts, and it will provide significant added value to Yahoo’s audiences worldwide,” Yahoo chief executive Tim Koogle said.

I wonder what search news today will look odd/amusing in five years time?

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