Search Marketing Could Be Massive

Think it’s big already?

Google CEO,  Eric Schmidt, thinks the search market is truly enormous.

Very targeted ads are very valuable. With highly targetable devices and highly targeted ads, fewer ads may be necessary to make even more money. Out of the current $600-$800 billion global advertising market, close to 95% is untargeted. Even a small improvement in targeting could have a very large impact on revenues

This jives nicely with my post a few days ago:  the importance of testing.

“Monetization” of video content is likely to be a “big project” for Google this year, although they are less clear on exactly how this will happen.

  1. dburdondburdon03-07-2007

    The UK advertising market is estimated to be worth $20 billion. Of which $3 billion is online. I guess Google need to keep inflating the figures in order to justify their market capitalisation.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo03-07-2007

    Indeed. He’s right about the potential, but whether Google will/can tap that potential is another story.

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