BBC Does Deal With You Tube

You Tube will feature three new BBC content channels:

 “Three YouTube channels – one for news and two for entertainment – will showcase short clips of BBC content. The BBC hopes that the deal will help it reach YouTube’s monthly audience of more than 70 million users and drive extra traffic to its own website“.

No doubt this arrangement will complement the existing unofficial Top Gear showings which also appear regularly on You Tube 😉

As the BBC is taxpayer funded, rather than advertising driven, this arrangement should fit easily within their mandate of providing broad access to content. Not all British citizens live in the UK, for example. However, some private broadcasters are less than happy as they see this as yet a further step by the BBC into the commercial arena, and thus into direct competition.

Some US broadcasters have said “no” to You Tube, however. My guess is that’s just posturing – they’ll join up soon enough as it will be difficult to  ignore a free marketing lunch:

Recently, CBS touted that official CBS clips on YouTube have sparked increased interest of those shows on its traditional network airwaves. In particular, it touted that “Letterman” benefited from the association

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