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Page: Google AI Isn’t That Far Off “We have some people at Google (who) are really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale, Page said to a packed Hilton ballroom of scientists. “It’s not as far off as people think.“ I’m not sure how far off we think AI is…

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Bug In Google’s Quality Score

Has your quality score been affected in Adwords? Google has recently updated their system, but there appears to be a bug which affects quality scores. This may send your bid prices rocketing. Changes to the system include: New Quality Score Column – to show advertisers how the keyword is performing (Great, OK, Poor) and the minimum bid required to have …

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From RoughType: “North Carolina’s Senate Finance Committee is hastily arranging hearings on the state’s use of tax incentives to lure businesses, as public outrage mounts over disclosures that Google was granted as much as a quarter billion dollars in secret tax breaks for a plant expected to employ approximately 200 workers. There’s no word yet on whether any Google officials …

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Help! My Site Is Not Being Crawled By Google

I was chatting with John, who was telling me about an ex-client of his. The client had a site re-design, and had done a lot of link building, but wasn’t ranking anywhere. His site wasn’t even listed in Google. Was the site banned? On inspection, John found the designer had put a robots.txt file on the site blocking all robots. …

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302 Hijacking May Be Back

Interesting, if you can follow it without having a brain meltdown. “302 Hijacking CAN be back if you want it to be, and it can also help you understand and beat the Domain Status Score“

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Microsoft Doesn’t Like Being #3

Who’d have thought it? “We’re the number three company in the world for ad-funded online experiences behind Google and Yahoo,” he said. “We don’t like being number three. But he said that Microsoft will make significant investments in R&D to build strong online businesses. We are committed and we will do what it takes….this has not been an easy road …

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