New Blog Design

The V7N SEO Blog is now fluid.

Evidently some people do not like fluid design. Others do.

What do you think?

And if you comment please include your screen resolution.


  1. eshop600eshop60002-24-2007

    I don’t like fluid layouts for everything but it works well for blog, good work.

  2. rxbbxrxbbx02-24-2007

    looks good.. you should use the same template everywhere.

    1280×1024 19inch

    1024×768 17inch

  3. John ScottJohn Scott02-24-2007

    Thanks for the comments guys! And those screencaps, good to be able to see what others see. I’m on a widescreen laptop myself so it looks just about fine for me. O

  4. rxbbxrxbbx02-24-2007

    You should check with something like too.. Always nice to see how somethings functions in all browsers. I know there is enough software for this.. but that site functions good.

  5. chicgeekchicgeek02-24-2007

    I’m not a fan of the fluid, but then again I just coded it… 🙂

    And yes, I know, I used a table for layout. \but you try and get the holy grail working with side margins. 😛

  6. graywolfgraywolf02-24-2007

    I’d really love to hear from people who don’t like the fluid layout and why. From a design perspective there are definite reasons to go fixed but from and end user perspective I didn’t think it was as important, so I’m looking forward to the discussion.

  7. garypoolgarypool02-25-2007

    I like liquid design because it enables the user to resize the site. You have actually design the site usability for the user.

    1280×1024 22 inch

    1024×768 17 inch

    1024×768 15 inch iBooks

  8. bilgibilgi02-25-2007

    my answer is a bit stupid . i’m sorry for this . the old design was like blog design but new design looks like a portal design . but if you ask , which one is better ?

    I liked the new design 🙂

  9. cre8pccre8pc02-26-2007

    I love fluid. I often have several windows open at once, esp. when on ecom sites, doing price comparisons or competitor research for site analysis. Your site degrades beautifully on my widescreen laptop, at 1024. Very smooth. Nice work 🙂

  10. John ScottJohn Scott02-26-2007

    Thanks Kim!

  11. sizzler_chetansizzler_chetan03-25-2007

    Fluid is beautiful and very nice ahnges made in the design…

    But as said in this thread i would edit it in that way leaving the top hover bar completely straight (check my post)

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