GoogleBomb Fix: Simply A Negative Keyword Filter?

The theory is: if the keyword links contain keywords with negative connotations, the bomb doesn’t work.

From Wikipedia:

“some (such as ‘french military victories’) appear to be little affected….(whilst) “liar” leading to Tony Blair or “miserable failure”, or even simply “failure” leading to the White House’s biography of George W. Bush…”

…appear to have now been neutralised.

Are there any examples of negative keyword bombs still out there?

  1. dburdondburdon02-13-2007

    Tony Blair still comes top for “famous political liar” on If you look at the Google snippet you’ll notice “famous” and “political” are on page. The “liar” element may have been downgraded but its still there.

    Google, shouldn’t interfere. Recent surveys have shown that more than 50% of the British population believe that Blair is a liar. As the country’s leading politician – admittedly a profession with a distorted view of the truth – Blair rightly sat at the top of the rankings. Google bomb or no Google bomb the original algorithm gave an accurate representation.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo02-13-2007

    “the original algorithm gave an accurate representation”


    Thanks David.

    I note the and the .com serps are the same, but when I select “pages from the UK”, i get the bomb. Is that what you’re seeing?

  3. dburdondburdon02-14-2007


    correct. The “famous political liar” search only puts Blair at no.1 if the “uk only” filter is used. The difference between the “web” and “uk only” could suggest that many of inbound links are from UK sites. The people that know Blair best. Hence my remarks about accurate representation.

  4. bilgibilgi02-14-2007

    in my opinion , Google does not want people to make speculation on search results. Google has fixed the most know google bomb . if you want , you can so many google bomb .

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