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Link FUD

There is a culture of fear, uncertainty and doubt, fed, in part, by Google’s vague and sometimes contradictory proclamations about the nature of links. If only citation was as pure as the driven snow, eh. But it isn’t. It isn’t pure in academic circles, and even less so on the web. Humans are messy. Nepotism, back-scratching (or should that be …

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Ethics of Blog Links

It is 7:04 PM in Tokyo. Rumour has it that Darren Rowse is going to blog about V7N’s Contextual Links program. The word is that it won’t be positive, due to the immorality of selling links. Of course, since Darren has not blogged yet, I can only guess as to the meaning of this. Two guesses come to mind. First, …

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Why Matt Cutts Should Chill

So Matt Cutts decided to attack V7N. We do not have a script that randomly places links on web sites. Human bloggers review links before placing them on web sites. We review websites before accepting them into the program. We have rejected websites and refunded payments when they have failed to meet quality standards. The Google standard of editorial review …

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Social Media Marketing Primer For SEOs

Search engines solve a problem. Finding relevant sites can be difficult. Search engines make that process easier. The problem with search engines is that they return a long list of sites. The searcher must then wade through sites in order to find the most relevant site. In theory, the most relevant site is #1, but as we all know, that …

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Google Updates Image Search

Curious. Image search no longer includes the URLs, or the image size, until you mouse-over the photos.

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