What Is The Most Popular Search Term On Google?


And the most popular on Yahoo?


Hard to please some a lot of people.

This highlights an interesting trend. People are typing domain names into the search bar, rather than into the address bar.

These statistics confirm an observable trend: An increasing percentage of surfers uses search engines (most likely through search bars) instead of their browser’s address bar. But interestingly, there is a contrary development. Large numbers of people ignore search engines entirely and type whatever they are looking for (plus .com) directly into the address bar“.

Branding is as important as ever. And it will get increasingly important in the crowded search space.

  1. ChrisChris02-01-2007

    My wife has a weird habit of this as well and I even questioned her on it a few months ago. She would insist on typing myspace.com in google, yahoo, msn, whatever search bar happened to be closest.

    This was not so a year(?) ago, it shows how far SE have come and how reliable they can be.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo02-01-2007

    It seems to be pretty common, eh.

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