Link Building Is Tiresome

I’ll bite 😉

Hey Jim, you’re taking me out of context, although, in fairness, I could have made myself a little clearer 🙂

Link baiting is but one tactic, and can certainly be used effectively, especially when compared against other approaches like, say, automated link exchange requests. I would regard the latter as being least worthwhile way to get links, as most links gained that way are likely to be rubbish.

I think link baiting has downsides, as I stated in my article. I question the long term value of link baiting against other strategies of similar cost, and think it can a be risky approach as far as reputation is concerned. It all depends how it is done. It is no panacea.

The strategy someone chooses isn’t really about technique, or enjoyment, it is about creating value. If I spend x (time and/or money), do I get return y? If y is negative, then any strategy is of questionable marketing value.

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