Google Checkout Traction Issues

Google checkout isn’t about to topple PayPal anytime soon, even if they are offering to pay people to use it.

PayPal was seven times more popular that Google Checkout in 2006, according to a report issued on Wednesday by investment firm JPMorgan. Based on a survey of 1,100 online shoppers, the report found that 6% of respondents had used Google Checkout compared with 42% who had used PayPal. The report suggests that Google’s typically meticulous attention to the user experience misfired for Google Checkout. “Despite 65% of credit card users and 44% of PayPal users reporting ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ service experiences, only 19% of Google Checkout users said the same,” the report said”.

I dare say the bugs will be worked out eventually.

Part of the problem is that merchants already have a fair amount invested in PayPal. They know the interface, they know it works, they have their code in place. It is proven. Like changing banks, it’s a hassle to change payment systems. As a non-US resident, I’m not even sure if I can use Google Checkout. I know that was the case initially.

Could I just search and find out? Yes, I could. But what’s going to make me?

Concerns: does Google Checkout work as well? Money is involved. Will customers like it, or be confused by it? Is it cheaper than PayPal?

Perhaps I’ll do a comparison next week.

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