Contextual Links

John has launched a new link brokerage service that is bound to impress the pointy hats.

It’s called Contextual Links.

It differs from the Pay-Per-Post approach in that bloggers don’t endorse or review a service or product, they just provide a link. Here’s the FAQ. Links cost $20.

Bloggers and publishers can sign up here.

It will be interesting to see how this one goes against the giant Text Link Ads. Similar approach, with the main difference being that the links only require a one-off payment, not a monthly rental.

  1. SEO CompanySEO Company01-18-2007

    Well a new thing from V7N, V7N turning big day by day.


  2. kiviniarkiviniar01-21-2007

    Well, nice going and a relief for blogger :
    1. Who need link purchasing clients
    2. Who would like to increase the monetary incentive of maintaining a quality blog

    Great stuff going and best wishes for John’s new venture

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