WikiSeek: What Is The Point?

Wikiseek, the new search engine based on Wikipedia launched today.

The blurb:

“Searchme, Inc, a new search company backed by Sequoia Capital, today announced the launch of Wikiseek , a vastly improved search engine for the popular reference site, Wikipedia…WikiSeek, a better way to search Wikipedia”

I thought Google was the Wikipedia search engine? 😉

Seriously, this “problem” – searching Wikipedia – is solved by a) going to Google and b) using the command: “search term”. No venture capital from Sequoia Capital required.

So, for Wikiseek to have any point whatsoever, for me, it would need to provide better results than other search services readily available.

So, let’s try it out:

I searched Wikipedia for the term “marketing” using Google, which produced a fairly good list.

I searched Wikiseek for the term “marketing” which produced…..”Clapham, the curved house from”. How useful.

To be fair, Wikiseek came back with other marketing topics of interest, although the list wasn’t near as useful as Googles, in my humble opinion, although I’m sure Bruce Clay will be very happy.

Another amusing part of the press release concerns SEOs:

“The service is expected to have significantly less Search Engine Optimization (SEO) spam because only “authoritative” pages, approved by Wikipedia editors, will be included. “

Hmmmm…….I suspect what will happen will be that more SEOs will be trying to get their links into Wikipedia, which is probably easier than getting their links into DMOZ.

“Vastly improved”? “Better”?

I’ll be sticking with the “default” Wikipedia search engine, Google, for the time being.

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