Non News Events

The significance of this news, to anyone, is dubious, so may as well make light of it:

  • Google boss holidays in New Zealand, borrows Peter Jacksons plane, wears a Charlie Chaplin mask, then buggers off to Sydney. Possibly.
  • DMOZ is accepting submissions again. The curious thing is, they’re saying “get in quick”, presumably before they’re irrevocably swamped twenty minutes later, until the end of time. Again.
  • Battelle hits the headline trifecta. Although, for full marks, he needs to incorporate Godwin’s law in there somewhere.
  • Numerous posts on (take your pick – how to succeed with blogging, make money blogging, get laid via blogging etc). All rubbish. Better to take a step back, solve a problem for someone, therefore getting the cart back in front of the horse, where it belongs 🙂

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