Blogs Are Mailing Lists

I always thought that was obvious, but you’d think otherwise by looking at some of the chest-beating over various pay-per-post initiatives. This method of advertising is nothing new, as we’ve seen in email lists ever since email lists started. Why are blogs being held to a different standard?

The real problem with pay-per-post, as far as I can see, is that advertisers aren’t offering near enough money yet! They do, however, seem happy to spend money on email lists. So what is the difference?

I am aware of one guy who expects to see $50,000 return for a single mailing list post. Perhaps that’s grandstanding, but some of the more popular mailing lists do earn substantial pay-per-post income. And have done for some time. Blogs have a long way to catch up.

Part of the outcry concerns disclosure. I can understand that point, from a journalisic perspective, however not all blogs are journalism, nor make any claim to be. Some blogs make no secret of the fact that they their content is commercial. So long as the reader is happy to read the occasional plug from the sponsor, then everyone is happy. But to say pay-per-post is evil because content is paid for is simply wrong.

The pay-per-post space already has a few companies jostling for position:

In the interests of full disclosure, I am being paid absolutely nothing, by the above mentioned companies, to write this post.

I am, however, paid by V7N to write this post.

So go buy some hosting. Or text link ads. Or something 🙂

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