(Old) Cranky Search

Too many young whipper-snappers cluttering your search results with new-fangled Myspace glitter-junk? Trying to find information about your prostate, but Paris Hilton keeps popping up instead?

New search engine, called “Cranky“, might be just the tonic. The engine targets the 50+ demographic, and quite a lucrative demographic it is, too:

Eons has teamed with Compete, an online market research company, to identify and analyze 5,000 of the most popular Web sites used by a group 500,000 users aged 45 or older. Key features of Cranky include a user interface that lists on the first results page only the top four authoritative sites matching the search term. Numbers listed at the bottom of the page point to additional sites. The sites are rated and reviewed by Eons members. The ratings influence the top sites, which are delivered as results in future Cranky searches“.

The Top Ten Searches For Today lists the word “sex” as being the most searched for term. Some things never change, eh.

I’ll count the days before the link-baiters start Digg-ing “Ten Killer Ways To Manage Incontinence”….

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