Digg More Interesting

I’m almost loathe to say this, but I’m finding Digg more interesting than many mainstream news aggregators, of late. I guess it helps that I enjoy the tech focus, and its fair to say Digg does pretty poorly outside that narrow range.

But what it does do, it is doing better. Perhaps it has reached a scale that produces better results? The conventional mainstream news sites are now certainly falling well behind in terms of freshness and interest.

Not that Digg is without problems in terms of editorial. The mob mentality is just as likely to bury interesting and worthwhile pieces in favor of the facile quick fix.

Is there something deeper going on? Is this the next step in search? Aggregating opinions by way of backlinks was a great idea, but communities of interest are potentially a lot more powerful.

BTW: A commenter on SEL brought up an interesting point. Is whoever was on the Google plane visiting Christchurch based Eurekster? Eurekster provide community-based search.

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