Use of Nofollow by Matt Cutts

In a post on his blog, Matt Cutts spanked the WebmasterRadio folks for a cheap, link baiting POS story on Google funding terrorists. (I’ve already commented.)

Funny thing here is, Matt cited many sources in his post, but he only nofollow-ed one – a link to SEO Blackhat’s blog post on the subject.

He used SEO Blackhat’s post to bolster his own position, but nofollowed it nonetheless.

Q: What types of links should get this attribute?
A: We encourage you to use the rel=”nofollow” attribute anywhere that users can add links by themselves

If nofollows are meant to be used for user-contributed links, and for paid links, why is a Google employed author using a nofollow on a link in to an article which he cites as supporting his point of view?

Just goes to show the extent of misuse of the nofollow attribute.

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