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What Is The Most Popular Search Term On Google?

Yahoo. And the most popular on Yahoo? Google. Hard to please some a lot of people. This highlights an interesting trend. People are typing domain names into the search bar, rather than into the address bar. “These statistics confirm an observable trend: An increasing percentage of surfers uses search engines (most likely through search bars) instead of their browser’s address …

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No One Cares About Operating Systems

It makes me tired even mentioning the name “Vista”. I know nothing about it, and hopefully won’t have to know anything about it until it comes bundled OEM when I replace my computer, although if has DRM hidden in the works, I’ll definitely be switching to a Mac or Linux. Vista has produced silence. The Telegraph wrongly states: “Many bloggers …

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Wordtracker Launch Free Keyword Tool

The popular Wordtracker keyword research tool now provides a limited free version. The Overture Keyword Tool has, meanwhile, died a death.

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Half The Long Tail Goes Missing

Niches are all well and good, but some niches are never going to be big enough, or sell-able enough, to make anyone any money. It looks like The Long Tail may have been a little out. “Unfortunately, the tail’s not as long as one thought. One of Anderson’s most impressive statistics in his original article, that 57% of Amazon sales …

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Google’s Branding Strategy

Moral Superiority

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