The Blurred Lines Of Pay-Per-Post

Are search engines ok with pay-per-post services?

For those who aren’t aware, pay-per-post services, like Review Me, offer the opportunity to be reviewed by other websites. The site being reviewed must pay for the privilege, whether the review is good or bad. Obviously, there are links involved, and whenever there are links involved, Google is sure to have an opinion on it.

And what is that opinion?

According to Rand from SEOMoz, the search engines don’t seem overly bothered.

Then Matt Cutts erm…clarifies, as noted by Barry.

FUD, eh.

No, I’m not being paid to review anything in this post. Not even in kind 🙂

  1. SophieWSophieW12-13-2006

    What, no beer?


  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo12-13-2006

    Hey Sophie…

    Sadly, no….

    Although perhaps Aaron might buy me one 🙂

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