Lost Google Interview Resurfaces

An audio interview with Google founders Brin & Page circa 2000.

“Although Brin and Page were obviously taking a crash course in Entrepreneur 101, it was clear that they were very smart, and I figured that, with the guidance of seasoned investors like Doerr and Moritz, Google had a bright future. So I wrote a positive article and submitted it.

Not so fast. My editor threw the article back at me and said, “This needs to be completely rewritten with a more skeptical eye. I personally know these guys and they don’t know what their doing. They have no business model.”

The repackaged Podcast can be found here.

  1. dburdondburdon12-11-2006

    If only a few more of us were equally prescient. 2000 I was running a business nominally valued at $150 million. 2 months later it was worth zilch. Meanwhile….

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo12-11-2006

    Hindsight is so easy, eh 🙂

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