Google & The Terrorists

You can see this one is going to get a LOT of press mileage.

Loren at Search Engine Journal is reporting on a speech given by Jim Hedger. According to the post, Jim claims Google is serving Adwords and Adsense advertisements on Google properties within Orkut which may have an association with terrorist cells and sympathizers” (?). Screenshots provided – judge for yourself.

The nasty word “terrorism” is the bait & hook, but really this story is about Googles hands-off approach to site approval. Unfortunately, the algo that allows Adsense to scale perhaps isn’t so clever when it comes to exercising good judgement?

But wait, there’s more!

Click fraud and click bots are escalating the revenue generated by these 3rd party Adsense partner sites, and this revenue is making its way into the hands of organized crime and terrorist groups“.

We knew about the click bots, but the supposed terrorist angle puts a sexed-up spin on click fraud. Google went into spin control last time over Adwords fraud, and now they’ll be doing the same for Adsense. (It was the weekend, Matt 😉

It will be very interesting to watch this one spread.

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