Google Monopoly Accusations Begin

Hey, I remember these from the days of Microsoft, but you don’t hear them about Google so much. Yet.

Here’s one about Google taking the top adwords positions for various products and services that Google produces:

Google Cheats. Google holds the top advertisement (Adword) slot for the following key words: intranet, spreadsheet, documents, calendar, word processor, email, video, instant messenger, blog, photo sharing, online groups, maps, start page, restaurants, dining, and books (somehow Amazon has managed to appear in the #1 ad slot for ‘books’). For spreadsheet, blog and video, in addition to squatting the premium ad position, Google Products also dominate three of the first four search results“.

One assumes that their landing page received a very good score indeed 😉 Perhaps PR is making a comeback.

In the beginning, AdWords was hailed as the revolutionary platform that enabled small start-ups, mom and pop stores and businesses all around the world to ‘compete fairly in an open market bid system.’ It was written that “small businesses can now compete evenly with big business – it levels the playing field. But that’s not entirely true. Is it? Google has unfairly made itself (its own products) exceptions to the rule. As the search queries above have shown us, Google has wielded its weight and manipulated the market to its own advantage – at potentially detrimental costs to small businesses like Central Desktop“.

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