Google Getting Into Your Television

Google have signed a deal with UK broadcaster Sky Television:

British Sky Broadcasting becomes Google’s first international partner for shared video, e-mail and content provision in a deal that could change the way television broadcasters deliver ads to consumers….Google will provide British Sky Broadcasting with technology to offer e-mail and video search and sharing technology for the broadcaster’s broadband product. They will also help Sky set up its own user-generated content site using technology it obtained through the $1.65 billion US purchase of video-sharing site YouTube in October

In a related note, Movies-Over-The-Web are going to be a big part of the Hollywood revenue stream before too long. And Apple are well placed to capitalize:

In fact, the research firm says that the iPod is also laying the foundation for Apple’s “Television 2.0” business expansion, with the advent of video capability and the sale of video programming on iTunes.

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