How Google Handles Hacked Sites

Matt shows how a hacked site was identified, dropped and re-included. Interesting stuff.

It is impressive that Google can do all that so quickly.

Could Google do a better job? Absolutely, and we’ll keep working on it. For example, maybe we can show a more specific message for hacked sites in the webmaster console

Notice also Matts deft touch associating bad SEOs with hackers:

If you pick a bad search engine optimizer (SEO) and they make a ton of spammy doorway pages on your domain, Google still needs to take action. Hacked sites are no different: lots of spammy/hacked sites will try to install malware on users’ computers. If your site is hacked and turns spammy, Google may need to remove your site

It should also be noted that if you pick a bad whitehat SEO, and there are plenty of those, they’ll charge you money for achieving nothing.

A good SEO, on the other hand….

It’s all about results…

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