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On Link Building

I was recently asked: If people can’t put there anchor text, then it won’t help them rank high for there keyword. Its only going to help them get higher page rank. Example, A water website can have thousands of links, but if they don’t put there anchor text, then they are not going to rank high for the word water. …

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End Of Year

I’ll make this my last post for the year. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there’s a lot of beer and wine drinking to do. Someone has to do it, and that someone may as well be me! Some people are making predictions for 2007. I predict that 2007 will be much like 2006, and that people …

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Five Things You Didn’t Know

Peter tagged me. So now I have to think up five things that you may not know about me. …. It’s kind of hard because I’m an open book. … And because some of my kids read my blog… 1. I hate being indoors. I hate computers, too. Alas, e-business is good so I’m stuck here, indoors and in front …

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One Reason Why Microsoft Won’t Aquire Yahoo In 2007

They don’t need to. Microsoft may not have the best search engine in the world, but without really trying, they’ve got the third most trafficed. And traffic is everything. And they own a rather popular browser. And they own a rather popular operating system. And Microsoft doesn’t make a habit of buying giants I can’t see it.

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DMOZ Founder Nails DMOZ

Rich Skrenta, DMOZ-founder and all round good guy, gives us a look into what is happening behind DMOZ at the moment. “Apparently the machine holding dmoz in AOL ops crashed. Standard backups had been discontinued for some reason; during unsuccessful attempts to restore some of the lost data, ops blew away the rest of the existing data on the system“ …

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