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Google Page Creator Updates

Google have updated their Page Creator online web page creation tool. Updates are described here. Image editing: Now you can make a picture look just right in the context of your web page. Once you add a picture, crop, rotate, lighten, darken, and add crazy special effects to it right from within your browser. Multiple sites: When you first sign …

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Yahoo Shake-Up

Senior Vice President at Yahoo, Brad Garlinghouse, thinks that Yahoo! is in need of a shakeup, for the following stated reasons: because the company has suffered from slumping shares slowing revenue growth staff defections delay in a crucial project aimed at boosting online ad sales suffers from a lack of consistent leadership, business focus and a “single cohesive strategy Why …

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Is DMOZ Dead?

When Yahoo ruled the roost, the problem was this: it took forever to get a listing in Yahoo. Some bright spark, by the name of Rich Skrenta, addressed that problem. He created a directory run by webmasters, for webmasters, and anyone else who thought the listings might be valuable. Nice idea. As the years went by, after Rich had long …

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Death To Folders?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants you to use Google applications. “Something you’d use everyday in everyday life,” instead of Microsoft Office. “Death to the hierarchy…of folders!” etc… Fast, efficient Desktop and email search is a godsend, however I’m not about to shift from Outlook to Gmail. Apart from the search function, I find Gmail, and other web-based mail services, clunky, …

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Was That Link Good For You?

Is this new? I can’t say I’ve seen it before. A “Was This Link Useful?” prompt, with Yes/No buttons, appeared when I clicked back from a search result. This is not on Adwords listings, this is on the main organic SERPs. It is clearly a voting mechanism testing the relevance of search result listings. The voting buttons appear, Web 2.0-stylee, …

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Global Warming? Pfffft……..

I don’t know what to make of it. Opinion appears to be divided on whether we’re about to fry the planet with C02, or global warming is just the planet doing normal planet-like things. The jury is out. All I do know is that it’s bloody cold where I live at the moment. So cold in fact, that there are …

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