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The Reasons You Don’t Go To SEO Conferences

The SEO conferences attract thousands, but it occurs to me that most webmasters into search don’t attend, for one reason or another. They’re fun, and for some people, the networking and information exchange more than pays for the cost of attending. So, for those who don’t make a habit of conference going, what are your reasons for not going? Here’s …

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What Is The Biggest Blog In the World?

It isn’t search related, obviously. It receives an estimated 3 million unique visitors per day, which is “a lot” by anyones standards. Like all figures, they’re highly debatable, although Alexa puts it way up there. The blog is called Perez, and it covers celebrity gossip. Thx Paradigm Shift

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How To Write An SEO Blog In Ten Easy Steps

Research thoroughly, digging out little known sources, and raid the lesser known dark chasms of the deep web. Or just do what everyone else does and type “Google” into Google News and repeat what you find there. Decide what is important. After a few minutes spent failing to find anything important, write a link-baiting hack piece abusing either Google, Yahoo, …

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Don’t Bet Against The Net

Or on the net, if you’re an American poker player Eric Schmidt on how to win big on the internet: “But what’s surprising is that so many companies are still betting against the net, trying to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. The past few years have taught us that business models based on controlling consumers or content don’t work. …

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IBM Unfazed By Microsoft Threat

Sorry….must have been an LSD flashback. That should have read: “Microsoft unfazed by Google threat“. Seriously though, MS are dead right about this: ” “The simple argument that ‘this is good enough for 90 percent of what we do’ has fallen on its face over and over and over again,” Leblond told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday. “When it …

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Google Ad Placement

Google has sent out a few invites to Adsense advertisers about a new service. The service allows an advertiser to specify an ad placement on your pages in a pre-defined ad spot. “Hello, We’re excited to let you know that your account is one of a select few for which we’ve enabled a new feature called ad placements. Ad placements …

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