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The Content Bites Back

Users are getting annoyed that the once bohemian (meaning: you can get all this great video entertainment for free!) YouTube has gone all corporate and officious. Which kinda suggests that it’s all about the content, and the medium is only part of the message. In which case, unless Google get their content sorted out pronto, YouTube is going to turn …

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Six Ways To Tickle Your Walrus In The Wrong Direction

Title of the year, I reckon, and I stole it. From Nick Wilson, one of my favourite tech bloggers, mainly because he calls a spade a spade, and uses the “F” word a lot. And we’re not talking Flock. Well, maybe we are. I was personally disappointed that he stopped his amusing, often vitriolic blog postings, however the bug has …

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Google Responds….Finally

After what seems like decades of speculation that Google may incorporate conversion metrics into Adwords pricing, Google finally come out and declare: “Because of persistant rumors and conjecture along these lines, I’d like to clarify that information from Google’s conversion tracking and Google Analytics is not used in the calculation of ones minimum bid, nor otherwise incorporated in the calculation …

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The Reasons You Don’t Go To SEO Conferences

The SEO conferences attract thousands, but it occurs to me that most webmasters into search don’t attend, for one reason or another. They’re fun, and for some people, the networking and information exchange more than pays for the cost of attending. So, for those who don’t make a habit of conference going, what are your reasons for not going? Here’s …

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What Is The Biggest Blog In the World?

It isn’t search related, obviously. It receives an estimated 3 million unique visitors per day, which is “a lot” by anyones standards. Like all figures, they’re highly debatable, although Alexa puts it way up there. The blog is called Perez, and it covers celebrity gossip. Thx Paradigm Shift

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