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Content Owners Getting Tetchy – Part Two

From the Independent: “What’s happening at the moment is that they [Google] are hoovering up stupendous amounts of money on the back of our content…… They were selling advertising on the basis of aggregating “our” journalism and they were not being charged a penny. “There has to be a price for it; or we won’t do it [gather news]“ Google …

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Google Incorporating Blog Posts In The Main Search Results?

Screenshot of a new Google addition, although I’m not seeing it, so I presume this is a test. Or fake. Is it working for anyone else? The SERP contains an additional list of blog results. Original post here. Possibly won’t work in lucrative keyword areas

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Find Webcams On Google

You too can be big brother: inurl:/view.shtml

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The Content Bites Back

Users are getting annoyed that the once bohemian (meaning: you can get all this great video entertainment for free!) YouTube has gone all corporate and officious. Which kinda suggests that it’s all about the content, and the medium is only part of the message. In which case, unless Google get their content sorted out pronto, YouTube is going to turn …

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Six Ways To Tickle Your Walrus In The Wrong Direction

Title of the year, I reckon, and I stole it. From Nick Wilson, one of my favourite tech bloggers, mainly because he calls a spade a spade, and uses the “F” word a lot. And we’re not talking Flock. Well, maybe we are. I was personally disappointed that he stopped his amusing, often vitriolic blog postings, however the bug has …

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Google Responds….Finally

After what seems like decades of speculation that Google may incorporate conversion metrics into Adwords pricing, Google finally come out and declare: “Because of persistant rumors and conjecture along these lines, I’d like to clarify that information from Google’s conversion tracking and Google Analytics is not used in the calculation of ones minimum bid, nor otherwise incorporated in the calculation …

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