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Pop-Up Boxes – No Links

You know those pop-up boxes that aren’t pop-ups? Those scripted boxes designed to get around pop-up blockers? The websites that run these things think they’re being clever, and maybe they are getting more sign-ups, however they’re missing out on links. I don’t link to them on principle.  I wouldn’t want people to send me to these sites, why would I …

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Google Whiteboard

Google’s whiteboard. For posterity.

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Content Owners Getting Tetchy – Part Two

From the Independent: “What’s happening at the moment is that they [Google] are hoovering up stupendous amounts of money on the back of our content…… They were selling advertising on the basis of aggregating “our” journalism and they were not being charged a penny. “There has to be a price for it; or we won’t do it [gather news]“ Google …

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Google Incorporating Blog Posts In The Main Search Results?

Screenshot of a new Google addition, although I’m not seeing it, so I presume this is a test. Or fake. Is it working for anyone else? The SERP contains an additional list of blog results. Original post here. Possibly won’t work in lucrative keyword areas 😉

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Find Webcams On Google

You too can be big brother: inurl:/view.shtml

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