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Google Adsense Publishers Receive Digital Frame Thing

Have you made enough on Google Adsense this year? If you have, there should be one of these coming your way soon. How much do you need to have made? Google don’t usually say, but triple figures a day is probably enough, maybe less….

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You Heard It Here Last – SEO No Longer A Secret

The pitch used to be that search engines were the unknown, untapped traffic miracle. If only people knew this great secret! I guess there are still a few webmasters who don’t know search engines can bring traffic, but that club is getting pretty small these days. So, that pitch probably doesn’t work so well. Then there is the pitch about …

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Google News Sitemaps

If you’ve got a site in Google News, you can now use Google Sitemaps. “Freshness is important for news, so we recrawl all News Sitemaps frequently. The News Sitemaps XML definition lets you specify a publication date and time for each article to help us process fresh articles in timely fashion. You can also specify keywords for each article to …

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Anti-Social Media

Don’t know about you, but the term “Social Media” annoys me. It sounds fake. What’s wrong with “talking”, or “conversing”, or “chatting”, or “writing”? I suspect I know “the problem”. Those things aren’t Marketing-itized enough! People can charge a lot more for Social Media in the same way they can charge a lot more for bottled water. Or perhaps bottled …

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Ten Worst Internet Aquisitions Ever

There are certainly some funny ones here, including: – acquired by Yahoo! in 1999 for $5 billion. Yahoo! paid a mind-boggling $710 per user back in the hey day of the bubble. But why does this rank higher than the AOL boondoggle? Two words: Mark Cuban. Yahoo’s ludicrous overpayment for gave Cuban the money to go out and …

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