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Link Exchange Requests – Don’t You Just Love ‘Em?

As the owner of various long established authority sites, I’m often inundated with requests such as these: Dear Webmaster As you know that exchanging links nowadays has become quite popular (really?) Most of the Webmasters are always in search for good quality High Page Rank and theme based sites to exchange links with. As a part of ongoing campaign to …

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AdWords: Changes To Quality Page Scores

According to this post, Google are going to make two changes: “….incorporating landing page quality into the Quality Score for your contextually-targeted ads, using the same evaluation process as we do for search. Advertisers who may be providing a poor experience on their site will notice that their traffic across the content network decreases as a result of this change” …

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Microsoft Way Ahead Of Google

Well, probably not in search. However, they are very proud of the fact that their Live Maps is now incorporating 3-D, photo-realistic cityscapes, which puts them ahead of Google. And they’re right – that is cool. How about some cities outside the US? Microsoft also plan to leverage these 3-D maps for advertising purposes: “Microsoft will integrate ads into these …

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Tim Berners-Lee: Internet ‘Aint All That

Tim Berners-Lee: “Maybe we’ll find that some very undemocratic things start happening, and that misinformation starts taking over the Web”. What does he mean? Ban Wikipedia? Anything remotely corporate? Anything remotely political? Blogs? Forums? They’re some of the fun bits! I guess misinformation has always been a part of human culture, and always will be. Democracy is an ideal, but …

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What Is The Most Important Part Of An Advertisment?

Traditional direct marketing theory and testing shows that inquiry returns are often highest when an advertisement has a catchy headline. This is also useful theory to apply to online marketing, when, often, all you’ve got to grab peoples’ attention is a short phrase and/or description. One book I keep coming back to is “Tested Advertising Methods”, by John Caples. While …

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Want To Buy Some Print Ads?

Given the rise and rise of the online ad market in recent years, it is strange to think that there might be some opportunity going the other way. Even stranger to think that Google might be facilitating it. Not that strange, perhaps. “Google will announce today a tie-up with more than 50 newspapers, through which the internet giant will create …

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