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Gmail Interface Updates

Big Brother adds a few more niceties. See if you can spot them… Or you could just look at Flickr…

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How Not To Write A Covering Letter

Some of these examples are hilarious. These are covering letters written by applicants and sent to a marketing agency. 1. “I am seeking a new position as i have recently been laid.” 2. “Another reason you should hire me is your web site is very unfriendly and may sway some clients into not working with you. People use websites of …

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Seduced By The Dark Side Of The Force

This is very funny. Queen Amidala: It is clear to me now that the Republic no longer functions. Aaron Pratt: It is clear to me now that the DMOZ Directory no longer functions. Someone called John Scott gets a mention….

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Blog Exploder (And Down With The Blogerati)

Technorati published this chart showing the explosion of blogging. GoogleBlogoscoped have provided an astute analysis of the same chart. Stuntdubl lists his five deadly sins of blogging: 5. Stealing other people’s ideas (without links) 4. Not having an about page 3. Not having a subscribe button 2. Not having a best posts page 1. Being a Wanker I think I’ve …

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CPA Vendor Raises $18 million

Watch this space, because it is almost certain to be the next big thing, after Adsense. CPA networks are not new, but they’re a natural fit with search. It’s only a matter of time before the search engines come out with similar products. Google is currently testing such a model. CPA solves a lot of problems of CPC, on both …

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