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Personalized Google Search Interface

A very cunning use of the Google Custom Search (the webmaster will get a share of the advertising clicks via Adsense) Create your own logos, like so: You can create your own search engine here.

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Web 2.0 “Excitement” Fades…

The Web 2.0 “revolution” appears to have lost momentum. You know things are on the downward slope when a topic of discussion was “what will be the online pet food of bubble 2.0”? Reports from the latest Web 2.0 Summit: “If you were looking to learn something new this week’s Web 2.0 Summit was not the place to be” “there …

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There are a lot of fractal images….. But these are great….

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The Unofficial Guidelines To Page Quality

Since Google continue to be vague about what exactly they mean by “page quality” in relation to PPC advertising landing pages, I thought I’d have a stab: The Unofficial Guidelines To Page Quality Stop sending people to pages with yet more PPC advertisments on them. Stop sending people to pages with all your affiliate links on them. Why can’t everybody …

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Marissa Into Speed

YouTube succeeded where Google Video didn’t because users were able to see their videos posted immediately, says Google’s Marissa Mayer. Google Video, on the other hand, can make viewers wait anywhere from two to four days for the video to be vetted and posted for public consumption. Editorial, eh. It just doesn’t scale. Other interesting bits: The reason Google sets …

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