Why Click-To-Call Doesn’t Work

I guess it should have been obvious, really, but part of the attaction of the web is that you don’t have to deal with people directly. There is anonymity, and the very real advantage of having not to deal with customer service reps.

If I was going to call, I would have called already 🙂

In a recent report on click-to-call technology, market research firm Pike & Fischer concluded that while click to call technology could open up new areas of Web marketing, several factors, including lack of consumer adoption, privacy concerns, lack of industry support and bandwidth constraint, may drive the technology into relative obscurity

Click-to-call probably works best on a website, than as part of a text ad. A telephone call doesn’t necessarily make the order process any more efficient, but could do if, say, the customer is confused about the product or order process itself. So, the timing/position of the click-to-call prompt is probably key, but I just can’t see it working particularly well as part of a search result. There’s too little information about the person you’re calling available at that point in the sales cycle.

The success or failure of click-to-call will also be closely linked to the take-up of VoiP. Everyone loves “free” when it comes to paying for phone calls.

  1. cmgcmg01-22-2007

    I’m confident that it will work once Google, Yahoo, or MSN promotes it like crazy. Just like pay-per-click, it needs to be in media all the time before it will be widely accepted as a new form of communication. I predict that one day, all of the shopping carts in the world will use some type of click-to-call to enhance the customer side of their e-commerce business.

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