Tool For The Pointy Hats

See a spam result? Competitor need taking out?

Spam report tool for Firefox.

The blurb reads:

Have you ever performed a search on the Web and entered a site that has nothing to do with what you were looking for ?

Erm…yeah…but Google does seem to favour Wikipedia these days, so what you gonna do? 😉

We are offering a tool for simplifying the reporting process. Our SpamReport software is a Firefox extension that allows the user to notify a suspicious site to Google in only 2 clicks. When you enter a faulty page as a result of a google search, click on the SpamReport toolbar button. A form appears, with most fields already filled for you, taking care of hidden redirections. You can eventually provide additional information then click Submit and you are done!

No doubt Google will now be inundated with Site Positioned Above Mine reports…

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