Google Remove Personal Information

A judge orders Google to remove information posted online.

A judge on Wednesday ordered to remove remnants of personal information on Johnston County residents that still show up on its search engine.Johnston County officials mistakenly posted a file with thousands of names, addresses, Social Security numbers and cell phone numbers on the county Web site. Officials said the information might have been online for as much as six weeks before it was removed…but getting the information removed from Google took a court order“.

And it doesn’t happen straight away, either. I guess if the data is spread across multiple servers then obviously an update won’t be instantaneous.

Google also announced today that they’ll no longer be accepting any more questions on Google Answers. Cue endless headlines about how Google no longer has all the answers etc. Interesting how failed services get labeled “experiments”. Semantics, eh.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Answers is gaining traction. Yahoo is perhaps more suited to the erm…search challenged…market than Google is. Perhaps the more social feel of Yahoo, and MSN, will give them a point of difference over Yahoo in years to come as the web orients more and more around communities.

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