You Heard It Here Last – SEO No Longer A Secret

The pitch used to be that search engines were the unknown, untapped traffic miracle. If only people knew this great secret!

I guess there are still a few webmasters who don’t know search engines can bring traffic, but that club is getting pretty small these days.

So, that pitch probably doesn’t work so well.

Then there is the pitch about SEO “secrets”, available to clients and members of the inner circle only. Again, using that Google search box, anyone with half a brain will soon realise that if there are any secrets in SEO, the SEO community is doing a really bad job keeping them to themselves.

I think it’s fair to say that most of the secrets are public domain.

There’s a couple of posts related to this point today – ye olde “SEO is So Easy, Who Are These Con Artists Daring To Charge For It” and the less frequent, but “I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this” theme “The Clients Are Getting Smarter. Some Are Smarter Than You, Even!

I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle, and everywhere in between. For every clued up marketer, there’s some band of young hopefuls designing all in Flash.

The real question is: are there now more of the former than the later, and do they have more money?

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