Ten Worst Internet Aquisitions Ever

There are certainly some funny ones here, including:

  1. Broadcast.com – acquired by Yahoo! in 1999 for $5 billion. Yahoo! paid a mind-boggling $710 per user back in the hey day of the bubble. But why does this rank higher than the AOL boondoggle? Two words: Mark Cuban. Yahoo’s ludicrous overpayment for Broadcast.com gave Cuban the money to go out and buy the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and permanently implant himself on the American psyche. Unforgivable.
  2. BlueMountain.com – acquired by Excite@Home in 1999. $780 million for an online greeting card site. ‘Nuff said.

I wonder what history will make of the YouTube acquisition? Google maintain that it will be a compliment to television, rather than a replacement.

Hmmm….I’m not so sure media companies will see it the same way. Particularly those who have already witnessed what a “compliment” to, say, newspapers means in reality 😉

I wonder if the media companies are going to get their own YouTube clone started?

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