Yahoo Shake-Up

Senior Vice President at Yahoo, Brad Garlinghouse, thinks that Yahoo! is in need of a shakeup, for the following stated reasons:

  • because the company has suffered from slumping shares
  • slowing revenue growth
  • staff defections
  • delay in a crucial project aimed at boosting online ad sales
  • suffers from a lack of consistent leadership, business focus and a “single cohesive strategy

Why aren’t Yahoo! talked about the way Google is talked about?

I think part of the reason is that Google is about Search (capital “S”). Even though they’re branching out, they are at pains to present themselves as a search company. Focused. Yahoo is spread widely in terms of form and function, and more nebulous, although Google may end up going this way, too, if they’re not careful.

On the commerce side, Google got Adwords right. MSN and Yahoo have yet to get their PPC systems up to scratch, and they’re being far too slow in this regard.

What else?

  1. dburdondburdon11-21-2006


    Yahoo search marketing is essentially 99% the same product Overture was 2.5 years ago. Adwords is moving forwards all the time. The Yahoo development cycle is just so far off the pace.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-21-2006

    Yes, it hasn’t moved on.

    I notice they are upgrading some people to the new system now. Still, it’s happening at glacial pace. I can’t understand why? There’s just so much money on the table.

    Have they got something more lucrative to do? I can’t imagine what that could possibly be!

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