IBM Unfazed By Microsoft Threat

Sorry….must have been an LSD flashback.

That should have read: “Microsoft unfazed by Google threat“.


Seriously though, MS are dead right about this: ” “The simple argument that ‘this is good enough for 90 percent of what we do’ has fallen on its face over and over and over again,” Leblond told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday. “When it comes to mission critical things and key pieces of how people run their businesses, the threshold is higher.”

  1. John ScottJohn Scott11-23-2006

    >>It’s a bet with big stakes, considering Office accounts for nearly a third of Microsoft’s total revenue and half its profits

    Damn, that’s a bigger piece of the pie than I’d imagined.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-26-2006

    Microsoft do something else? 😉

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