How To Write An SEO Blog In Ten Easy Steps

  1. Research thoroughly, digging out little known sources, and raid the lesser known dark chasms of the deep web. Or just do what everyone else does and type “Google” into Google News and repeat what you find there.
  2. Decide what is important. After a few minutes spent failing to find anything important, write a link-baiting hack piece abusing either Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ, or Mike Grehan.
  3. Apologize to Mike Grehan, in advance, and say you were only trying to get some links.
  4. Write a witty, incisive piece of search journalism that will get you showered with free drinks at every conference from now until the next one. Or just use copy-n-paste and change a few words.
  5. Contextualize. Endlessly.
  6. Sign-up for every RSS feed in the known universe.
  7. Unsubscribe from every RSS feed in the known universe and make a mental note to be more selective next time.
  8. Ignore press releases from PR firms about new search engines and other crap unless they provide a substantial bribe of some kind. Cash works.
  9. Wonder if there is anything new to say about search that hasn’t already been said.
  10. Marvel at that fact that there is so much to be said about search that it’s a wonder anyone ever keeps up.
  11. My guitar amp goes to 11. So should this list.
  1. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    I’ve never really been sold on RSS feeds as it’s a tool for the lazy in my mind.

    King Cobra Poker

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