Google Page Creator Updates

Google have updated their Page Creator online web page creation tool.

Updates are described here.

Image editing: Now you can make a picture look just right in the context of your web page. Once you add a picture, crop, rotate, lighten, darken, and add crazy special effects to it right from within your browser.

Multiple sites: When you first sign in to Google Page Creator, we automatically give you a site with the same name as your Gmail address, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a name when you’re just trying to get started. But because not every site is a personal site, starting today, you can create up to five sites with different URLs.

Pages for mobile: This feature has an awesome power-to-complexity ratio: Now, every Google Page Creator site automatically has a mobile edition.

  1. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    Woo hoo! No hosting needed as they will host it for me 🙂

    King Cobra Poker

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