Landing Page Uproar

These days, what Google doesn’t say is a lot more interesting than what they do say.

The landing page saga continues. You’ll remember that Google updated their landing page scores, which affects Adwords advertisers. Here’s how Google explained it. In summary, they want to encourage landing pages of greater quality.

What are landing pages of greater quality?

Google don’t get into specifics: “we don’t provide more specific recommendations because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to best create landing pages”. They do, however, recommend you follow the guidelines, and keep your user firmly in mind.

Apart from “users-who-really-want-to-click-on-small-ad-listings”, I presume.

I think it’s fair to say that advertisers remain in the dark when it comes to knowing what Google means by the term “quality”.

Now, Google, in a further attempt to illuminate the darkness, define what quality isn’t: “Can a page that has a high CTR or conversion rate be considered a poor quality landing page? In short, yes.”.

Erm…glad that’s cleared things up.

They go on to say they also evaluate the content of the page. “it’s focused on the actual content and relevance of your landing page to a user who clicks on your ad and ends up on your site”.

Perhaps what they are trying to say is the text of the advert must match closely with the text, or theme, of your page? Is that what they mean?

I can see the reason for doing that. What I can’t understand is why they just won’t say what they want to see? What are they hiding?

Is this price gouging? While we haven’t got access to all the data, it’s hard to see how a page converting at 41.18% isn’t what the user wants, on some level.

In short, nothing is clear. Apart from the fact that Google’s profit continues to rise…

  1. dburdondburdon11-17-2006


    good stuff. I had a client stung for £250 ($470), when Google arbitrarily decided that their high performing page was low quality.

    I read the Graywolf post. Seems you can’t trust Google with your information.

  2. LorenBakerLorenBaker11-17-2006

    New market opens for landing page optimization, thanks Google 🙂

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-20-2006

    >>Google arbitrarily decided that their high performing page was low quality.

    That’s the problem, eh. It all just seems so arbitrary.

    I think obfuscation is probably a Google modus operandi these days.

  4. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-20-2006

    >>New market opens for landing page optimization,

    Heh heh. Any ideas, Loren? 😉

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