Firefox Maintains A Search Query History

Bill stumbles across an interesting find:

I performed a search in Windows Live for a term that I don’t believe I ever searched for before on a search engine. I then went to Google Suggest, and started typing in the first couple of letters of the that word to see if it would suggest my Windows Live search term.

It did.

I was using Firefox (Version when I saw my query history being transferred easily from one search suggestion service to another. I jumped to Internet Explorer, and attempted to replicate my results. It didn’t work. It appears that Firefox maintains a search query history that IE doesn’t. It appears that Firefox has a built in search suggestion feature

I wasn’t aware of that, either.

  1. Bill SlawskiBill Slawski11-16-2006

    I’m guessing that this query history information is shared with both search engines once I try to access them, though it’s difficult to tell.

    If I were paranoid, I would remember that one of the lead developer’s for Firefox has his paycheck signed by Google.

    I was so ready to blame Microsoft for invading my privacy by somehow grabbing my Google queries, until I saw Google show the Microsoft one.

    I don’t like Firefox maintaining a query history.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-19-2006

    >>I don’t like Firefox maintaining a query history

    Or not being more open about the fact they’re doing it.

    I wonder why this piece of news hasn’t been picked up by most blogs yet?

    Digg, Digg…..

    (Good conference, Bill?)

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