Top Ten Blogging Resources Of All Time!

Here’s my top ten all time greatest resources! In list form!

Ok, they’re probably kinda useful for those new to blogging…

You could certainly do a lot worse than starting here…

  1. Blog Software Comparison Chart – compare blog software features.
  2. Technorati – Find out who is saying what about whom today.
  3. Google Blog Search – does what is says on the (black) box.
  4. Feedreader Comparison– Another list. Comparing feedreaders.
  5. ClueTrain Manifesto – At times brilliant, at times nonsensical.
  6. Digg – Often full of trite techno garbage. But it is interesting trite techno garbage. With voting.
  7. What Is A Blog? – Wikipedia explains all.
  8. The Long Tail – Why lots of little things can be important.
  9. Top 100 Blogs – Elitist, but a good springboard. Follow the blogrolls.
  10. RobotWisdom – My all time favorite blog.
  1. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com11-14-2006

    Thanks for the resources Peter.


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