Web 2.0 “Excitement” Fades…

The Web 2.0 “revolution” appears to have lost momentum. You know things are on the downward slope when a topic of discussion was “what will be the online pet food of bubble 2.0”?

Reports from the latest Web 2.0 Summit:

  • “If you were looking to learn something new this week’s Web 2.0 Summit was not the place to be”
  • “there were few revelations, few moments where you had the exhilarating experience of seeing something that was about to change the world. Every conversation I had began with discussing the underwhelming nature of Web 2.0.”
  • “I didn’t come away from the conference having learned much”

It sounds like the most interesting thing about it was that Lou Reed played live. Taking a break from Walking On The Wild Side, obviously.

Nick Carr exclaims (tounge-in-cheek) bring on Web 3.0!

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