How Not To Write A Covering Letter

Some of these examples are hilarious. These are covering letters written by applicants and sent to a marketing agency.

1. “I am seeking a new position as i have recently been laid.”

2. “Another reason you should hire me is your web site is very unfriendly and may sway some clients into not working with you. People use websites of companies such as yours for research, and your website thinks it is witty, but it comes off very dull and cheezy.”

3. ” … But that’s the past. I’ve given them a year of my life in a minimum security work camp and I’m nearing work release status where I’ll be for the next 15 months or so … I need to connect with open-minded people like myself! My crime was a ‘non-violent, victimless’ one. I’m hoping this letter is reaching people who have or do smoke weed … ”

4. “I am a motivated, self-igniting person who greatly entertains the challenges of bettering myself and the performance of work that I do.”

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    Have you recieved any such Peter.


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